What I love about Book of the Month

When I first signed up for Book of the Month in 2020, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had no idea if the books they offered would be ones that I liked. But I had seen ads online and thought it sounded like a cool idea so I decided to give it a try.

Now, two years later, I have quite a few Book of the Month hardcovers on my shelf. I love how they all look together and I almost have enough to fill up a whole shelf now.

I might have been skeptical at first, but I'm not anymore. Here are a couple of reasons why I love being a member of the club!

1. Book Mail = Happy Mail

That's why we all love ordering books off of Amazon, right? Because it's so fun to come home from work and check the mail and find your latest read sitting there, just waiting to be opened. Book of the Month ships super quick and if you have notifications on your phone from their app, they'll even tell you when it's delivered.

This really helps because sometimes my book will be delivered on days that it's raining, and that way I can grab it real quick before it gets wet.

2. Learning about New Releases, as well as New Authors

Before I was really active on the internet, I found out about all of the new releases and interesting upcoming books by visiting the library and seeing what was on their shelves. But now I use the internet, and Book of the Month is a great resource. I'm always learning about new books and new others. They'll make a point of sharing if one of their authors is a debut or if this is their first or second time being feature on the site.

It's a nice feature! I read my first Emily Henry book through their program and I couldn't be more grateful because now I'm obsessed. Haha.

3. You Can Pause Your Account

Last Summer I was having some financial trouble and was considering cancelling my account because I wasn't sure that I could afford it. I called a spoke with a customer service person and they asked me if I wanted to pause my account instead.

I hadn't realized that was an option! I wound up pausing my account for a couple of months until I was in a better financial position to be paying for a monthly subscription service again. It worked out really well for me because I got to take a break from paying, but I also was able to keep my account and my reading stats for when I was ready to come back.

4. The Camaraderie

It's probably no surprise to you that I follow a lot of reading and bookstagram accounts on Instagram. I love to see people post about their book of the month selections. It's interesting to see who picked the same book as me and who chose a different one. Sometimes if the choices are really good that month, it's hard to come to a final decision.

It's fun to know who is reading the same book as you at the same time. Then you can talk about it when it's over!

xo Marian