November Book Report

November was a bit of a slower reading month for me. I lost my library card so I haven't been able to verify the number on Libby so I haven't been able to listen to any audiobooks. Haha. One of my goals is to figure that situation out by the end of the year.

I did read 3 books this month. Two of them I really liked and one of them was just ok. Keep reading for the titles as well as a few thoughts on each book.

The Soulmate

I’ve only ever read one book by Sally Hepworth before, but it was really good. It’s called The Good Sister and it gripped me and surprised me. So when I saw The Soulmate was available to read now on Netgalley, I couldn’t wait to dive in.

My full review will come out when the book releases in April but this is another domestic thriller that really kept me guessing. I loved how the story was told through the perspectives of two very different characters who are on very different sides of the story.

If you’re a fan of this author or think the description sounds interesting, definitely pick this one up in April. Not everything is as it seems and as the story unravels little by little, I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as I was.

Mother of the Bride Murder

This is another Spring release that I have a full book review coming out on in 2023.

This is the latest installment in the Lucy Stone series and I have to admit that I haven’t read even close to all the books in the series, although I have read a few and I like Lucy Stone as a character.

This book felt a little rushed though. I didn’t feel satisfied with the ending. I also felt like there was A LOT going on. Almost too much.

But that’s my opinion. I’ll share my full review when the book comes out in Spring!

Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough

I just posted my full book review the other day, which I’ll share the link to here.

What a fascinating book. It’s obvious Lori did so much interviewing and discussing with people to get her notes and research for this book. She also wrote a lot about her own personal experiences as she tried to up her dating routine and find someone who was right for her. It really made me think a lot about relationships and how we're so quick to want our partner to be perfect, and yet we aren't even close to perfect ourselves! It really puts a lot into perspective.

- - - - -

That's all for this month. Make sure you check back in a few days for my December TBR list. There are so many books I plan to hopefully check out by the end of the year.

xo Marian