The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

I’ve been wanting to read The Soulmate Equation for quite some time, so imagine my joy when my library hold came in. Oh happy day! I listened to the audiobook over the span of a couple of days and it was just the fun romance I needed right now.

Jess is a single mom with more than enough on her plate. She juggles being a single mom, looking after her grandparents, and being a freelance statistician. The last thing she needs is romance. But when she and her best friend happen upon a hot guy with an interesting invitation, everything in her life turns upside down.

River is one of the founders of a dating app, based off using genetics to help one find their soulmate. He meets Jess and her best friend in a coffee shop and invites them to come test out the program. The way he sees it, the more results the merrier!

But neither River nor Jess is prepared for the results.

I’m just going to show my hand right now and say that I loved this book and it’s a 5 star read for me.

How do I love this book? Let me count the ways…

1. The relationship between Jess and “her people”

It takes a tribe to raise a child and Jess has the best tribe around! Some of the conversations between her and her best friend Fizzy are so funny. I loved their relationship. Jess and her grandparents have a great relationship too, since they raised her since she was a little girl. And then there’s Juno, her feisty and hilarious young daughter.

2. The chemistry between Jess and River

I was listening to the audiobook at work one day and I was like oh no, I need to turn this off, this is too hot. Their relationship seemed doomed from the start but I would up loving River and Jess together. He was meant for her and it made me so happy when they went out on their first date and slowly got to know each other’s lives.

3. Decent communication

One of my least favorite things in romance novels is when everything could be solved if the characters would just talk to each other. So I really appreciated midway through the story when Jess was hesitant to talk to River but just blurted it all out. Communication is key. And although they did have some mishaps as the story went on, I loved how great and healthy their relationship was for everyone involved.

This is for sure going to be a book I reread over and over again.  I’m still pretty new to Christina Lauren but I’m looking forward to checking out even more of their work. I love The Soulmate Equation and am going to be daydreaming about how cute it was for quite some time.

Have you read The Soulmate Equation? What is your favorite Christina Lauren book?

XO Marian