A Magical New York Christmas by Anita Hughes

It’s Christmas week when 26-year-old Sabrina Post knocks on the door of the Vanderbilt suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, ready to accept the ghostwriting position for the memoir of Grayson Westcott—a famous art dealer.

A struggling journalist, Sabrina can't believe her luck: a paycheck and six nights in her own suite at the Plaza. She feels like Eloise, the heroine from her favorite children’s books. To make the job even more exciting, Grayson recounts how he worked as a butler at the Plaza sixty years ago for none other than the author of the Eloise books, Kay Thompson.

What promises to be a perfect week is complicated when Sabrina meets Ian Wentworth, a handsome British visitor, at the hotel bar. When Ian assumes Sabrina is another wealthy guest at the hotel, she doesn’t correct him —a decision she doesn’t regret after learning that Ian is a member of the British aristocracy. But, things are not what they seem. The truth is: Ian is not a wealthy lord; he’s actually the personal secretary of Lord Spencer Braxton.

As the week unfolds, will Sabrina and Ian learn the truth about one another?

Filled with the magic that can only be found at the Plaza Hotel during the holidays, and revealing facts about the author of the Eloise books, Anita Hughes's A Magical New York Christmas is both a holiday treat and a heartwarming story that reminds us that falling in love is the greatest miracle of all. (from goodreads.com)

My Thoughts

In this sweet contemporary romance, a struggling writer is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Sabrina gets to stay at the Plaza hotel in New York City while interviewing and writing the story of an important man named Grayson, who has his own memories and stories of the Plaza.

While on her job, Sabrina meets a young man in the hotel who catches her fancy. But the two aren't exactly honest with each other. Thinking that nothing will ever come of their meeting, she allows him to believe that she's not just a writer, but someone who's important and rich enough to be at the plaza.

Meanwhile, although Ian doesn't outright say it, Sabrina comes to the conclusion that with his British accent and important connections, he's royalty.

All of this lack of communication might sound confusing, but it all comes together on the pages. I loved listening to Grayson's stories as he gave Sabrina material for the book. There's nothing quite like listening to a story of young love from the 60's!

I also enjoyed the developing romance between Sabrina and Ian. Add in the fact that the story all takes place at Christmastime and it makes for a very sweet and entertaining tale. This is a great book to dive into during the holiday season.