Once Upon a Royal Summer by Teri Wilson

A theme park “princess” meets a single dad…who turns out to be a real prince!

Enjoy the delightful royal romance from acclaimed author Teri Wilson and Hallmark Publishing.

Lacey found her dream job: playing a princess character at a popular fairytale theme park in sunny southern Florida. Her diamond tiara might not be real, but the smiles of the children she meets every day certainly are. It’s just too bad that her ex-boyfriend was never impressed with her career choice.

Henry, the crown prince of Bella-Moritz, is trying to fulfill his young daughter’s birthday wish: to be a normal girl with a normal life. That’s why they’re pretending to be ordinary tourists at an American amusement park. Henry lost his wife four years ago, and he’s been going through the motions ever since. But could a meeting with a make-believe princess lead to real love?

 If you're like me and you enjoy reading about royalty, then Once Upon a Royal Summer does not disappoint!

I've always found theme parks to be exciting and so reading about Lacey's job as a theme park princess was so fun. Her job is especially important to her because when she was a kid and her mother was sick, she would see characters from the local theme park come in and visit kids in the pediatric unit. It meant so much to her and as an adult, it brings her joy that she can put smiles on all the faces of the kids who come to see her.

Lacey is a truly kind person and I enjoyed reading about her. Her kindness (as well as her spunk) are what attracts Henry to her, when he visits the theme park with his daughter. Lacey at first bonds with his daughter, but she soon captures his attention as well. Henry hasn't experienced much in the way of dating since his ex wife passed, but he can't seem to keep his feelings for Lacey away.

Once Upon a Royal Summer is a really cute story that has a lot going on, so before I close out this review, I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments with you.

+ I loved how the relationship developed between Lacey and Henry's Mom. At first, the Queen is very skeptical of Lacey. A theme park princess is no match for her son! But she soon comes to realize what a great influence Lacey has on Henry and how important she is to her granddaughter. When the Queen helped Lacey get ready for the ball in the end it make me very happy.

+ I love a good side romance, so it made me smile how Lacey's friend Ava and Henry's bodyguard kind of hit it off when they met at the palace. All good romances have side characters falling in love too!

+ Henry's daughter is absolutely adorable and it made me laugh how right after Lacey arrives at their palace, the two get together for a slumber party with pillow forts. It kind of reminded me of in The Princess Diaries 2 when Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) has her slumber party and all of the princesses go mattress surfing. Haha.

My only critique is that to me, the ending felt rushed. Without spoiling the ending, I enjoyed the final scene, but I also felt like the story could have used an epilogue. I wanted to know more about Lacey and Henry's future together! But that's just me.