Monday, May 3, 2021

Bookish Gifts for Mom | Mother's Day 2021

Mother's Day is coming up! Hip hip hooray! I myself am not a mother yet (Being a dog mom doesn't count lol) so this is the day that I celebrate my own mother!

Hopefully she doesn't look at my blog because otherwise my gift for her might be spoiled. I got her a Barnes & Noble gift card because she recently retired from her job (about two weeks ago) and now she has so much more time for all the things she loves like knitting, weaving, and reading.

If you're not sure what to get your Mom this year I've come up with a few bookish ideas that are not genre specific, so they might work for your Mom as well. As long as she likes books.

As a kid, I never would have tried to pick out a book for my Mom. All I knew about her reading tastes was that she liked murder mysteries and she liked stories that were set in England, or written by English authors.

So here are some non-genre specific ideas for Moms. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments section. In my opinion, the more ideas, the merrier!

1. A nice bookcase for her overflowing library

All book lovers know that while it's important to have books, it's also important to have a beautiful way to display them. I personally have 2 bookcases and a book cart in my house, and I'm always having fun rearranging and sorting my books. Right now I have them sorted by color.

2. An eReader so that she can take her books wherever she goes

I adore my kindle because I can take my entire library with me no matter where I go! When I went on my recent camping trip I took it along and I liked how I had so many different reading options. If you're Mom is an avid reader and likes to travel, you might consider getting her an eReader for Mother's Day.

My favorite is the amazon kindle but there are other options, like an iPad mini or the Kobo. It's completely up to you!

My Mom really likes her iPad because it has so much versatility. She can read AND watch all her shows. What's better than that?

3. A gift card to a local bookstore (or online retailer)

Gift cards are a great gift because then your Mom gets to choose her own books! I got my Mom a gift card to Barnes & Noble because she's going to be flying out to visit my brother next month and she'll need some fresh reading material for the plane.

If you have indie bookstores in your area, buying a gift card can really help them out right now since not a lot of people are shopping due to the pandemic. Hopefully that will change soon since vaccinations are becoming more available.

4. A Subscription to Book of the Month

If you're not familiar with Book of the Month, it's a monthly subscription box for readers. Every month they come up with a small selection of books that they think most people will enjoy and as a member, you get to pick one book and they'll ship it to you for free!

It's really nice because if you don't like any of the books that month, you can skip that month and they won't charge you. That way you can wait until the next month and pick out a book you'll really enjoy.

It's also neat because all of the books are hardcover. They look really pretty on your bookshelves. Not that looks matter, but to a true bookworm, it kind of does. Lol

Click here to Sign Up

5. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

The way I think of Kindle Unlimited is that it's kind of like Netflix, but for books. As long as you're a KU member you can read the books in the Kindle Unlimited program for free. This is especially helpful if you're a voracious reader because you totally get your money's worth for your monthly subscription fee.

There are also some books that allow you to listen to the audiobook for free. I took advantage of that last year when I listened to Mindy Kaling's collection of essays that she released through Amazon.

Click here to sign up

6. Books

I saved the best for last. Books are always appreciated by book lovers, right? Some of my most memorable gifts are books. Like the Christmas my Mom got me Looking for Alaska by John Green or the Christmas by Nany gave me Ready or Not by Meg Cabot.

I have so many books that I associate with wonderful memories.

So make sure to check out your local bookstores. Make sure to visit online retailers like Amazon or ThriftBooks.  And who knows what you'll find if you check out eBay or a secondhand store? There are gems out there just waiting to be found.

xo Marian

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