Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Researching Harlequin Heartwarming

I'm very excited to announce that I will be doing a romance reading challenge. It's research, really. I found out that different segments of Harlequin accept online submissions from unagented writers and I think I would like to try to write a book for them.

I chose Harlequin Heartwarming because these are the kinds of feel good romances that I like to read the most. I love small towns & communities, and of course I love a Happily Ever After.

The only thing is... I'm not sure how many of them I've actually read!

And I think it's important that I read quite a few of them as research, so that I understand exactly how they work and why readers love them.

My Harlequin Heartwarming Reading List

(I'm starting with their newest releases from December, January, and February which I have purchased in eBook format)

  1. Montana Wedding by Cari Lynn Web
  2. A Christmas Proposal by Linda Warren
  3. Under a Christmas Moon by Mary Anne Wilson
  4. Christmas on the Ranch by Julianna Morris
  5. Bride on the Run by Anna J Stewart
  6. The Christmas Promise by Janice Carter
  7. Her Hometown Detective by Elizabeth Mowers
  8. Second Chance Christmas by Rula Sinara
  9. Catching Mr Right by Carol Ross
  10. The Littlest Cowgirls by Melinda Curtis
  11. A Valentine's Proposal by Kim Findlay 
  12. Coming Home to Texas by Kit Hawthorne
And this one I have from Netgalley
  1. An Alaskan Family Christmas by Beth Carpenter
I plan to write a post soon to update you on my reading status. I will be writing reviews for all of these books as well as taking notes on them for my own research.

Do you have a publisher where you generally like anything they publish? I'm not sure if I do. I know that I like the books that Hallmark Publishing releases because they generally have quite a few Christmas novels every year, but I definitely haven't read all of them yet.

xo Marian

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