Sunday, February 7, 2021

Cupcakes & Chaos by Lisa Siefert


Hi! I'm Ava Decker, forensic accountant turned pastry chef. After being ghosted at my own wedding, I decided to leave California and return home to Maine where I grew up. While my parents are enjoying an all expenses paid cruise, aka as my non-refundable honeymoon, I’m house sitting for them back in Clover Creek.

My lifelong dream of owning my own bakery finally comes true but unfortunately, it’s only because the owner of the bakery turns up dead in the cupcake truck that I was driving. And to make things worse, I’m the prime murder suspect because she decided to leave both her bakery and her house to me in her will, despite the fact that I just met her two weeks ago.

In the process of being arrested, I also became a kitty mom to an adorable ruddy Abyssinian who thinks he’s a dog and suffers from separation anxiety. Now, it will take of my mystery movie watching know-how to help solve this crime myself.

My Thoughts

I've become very interested in cozy mysteries in the last year or so. So interested, that I've done a lot of research on them which includes reading quite a few of them, researching them on Youtube. as well as reading a ton of cozy mystery book reviews online.

There's a youtuber I really like named Lisa Latte who hosts a cozy escape book club every month with Courtagonist and I was so excited when I visited her channel the other week and saw that she has a cozy mystery series that she started publishing back in 2020. How cool! I knew I wanted to read the first book Cupcakes & Chaos so I borrowed it from Kindle Unlimited and started reading.

The Protagonist:

I loved Ava. She's at a crossroads in her life. Recently ghosted at the altar, she's made her way back to her hometown in Maine. She's living alone in her parents house while they're on a three month cruise (what would have been Ava's honeymoon, actually) and Ava's found a new job at Frosted, a bakery in town.

Anyone would have freaked out after being falsely accused of murder of their boss, but I felt like Ava kept a relatively calm attitude, and I liked that. Even though everyone from Wesley (the police officer) and Ruby (Ava's best friend) tells her to stay out of it and not do any investigating of her own, of course she doesn't listen. 

Who would? She approaches her investigation in a level headed way and comes to some very interesting conclusions.

I also loved Ava's relationship with her new cat, Lucky. While I am more of a dog person that a cat person, I could totally relate to how smitten she is with her new pet. If I could take my dog everywhere with me, I definitely would.

The Mystery:

I found it very interesting that Francine left her house and her business to Ava in her will. As Ava pointed out many times, it's not like the two of them were close. Ava barely knew the woman. So why would Francine leave her most prized possessions to her? Especially when her brother (well, half brother) lived in town.

I'll be honest, I am new to the cozy mystery genre and I have not gotten any better at solving the mysteries. Sigh. This story kept me guessing and there were definitely some leads that I thought would lead to the murderer, but in fact, they did not.

My Hopes for Future Books:

I'm so looking forward to reading more of this series. I love Ava and her best friend Ruby. I also really like Chloe the locksmith, who I think is going to be a new friend of Ava's after she helped her break into a safe in this book.

And of course there's Officer Lockwood, or Wesley. It definitely cracked me up how his and Ava's first interaction is when he pulls her over to give her a speeding ticket. I'm looking forward to seeing their relationship develop.

- - - - - -

If you're a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read this book for free because it's included with your membership. I'm a voracious reader and so I'm excited to see that the second book, Fudge and Felonies, is available in KU as well.

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