Monday, December 7, 2020

The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a new boss for Christmas. Mine is the worst. The worst, hidden in a six foot tall package of male perfection. It’d be easier if he looked like an old Scrooge, wouldn’t it?

Nick Saint-Croix doesn’t look like an old scrooge. He’s hot as-

Um, never mind. Just bring me a new boss. Please.


Holly Winter

My Thoughts

Today we're talking about The Boss Who Stole Christmas, a Christmas novella by contemporary romance author Jana Aston.

I've never read anything by Jana Aston before, but when I saw her Reindeer Falls series was available to read on Kindle Unlimited, I knew that I wanted to check it out. I've been looking for some shorter Christmas romance reads to talk about on my youtube channel this month.

We're introduced to Holly Winter, who works for a toy company in the small town of Reindeer Falls. It's the job that she's wanted ever since she was a little girl. The only problem is that she doesn't quite get along with her boss, Nick.

He's tall. He's handsome.

The only thing he's missing is a good personality.

Holly doesn't have a lot of time to worry about him though. She's busy with her own Christmas preparations and plans for the holiday season. She also has a lot going on at work. Nick is the last thing on her mind.

Until he invites her to go on a European business trip with him, as research for the project that she's working on for the toy company.

Well, invite is not the right word. He actually forces her to go.

Will they be able to work out their differences for the good of the company? Or will Holly murder Nick before they get back to the United States?

You'll just have to read to find out! Haha.

I thought this was a short and fun Christmas read that had a lot of my favorite things in it. I love reading about small towns. I enjoyed the hilarious banter between Holly and her two sisters, Noel and Ginger. And of course I loved reading about the Christmas activities and Nick and Holly get to go on while they're Germany.

The Boss Who Stole Christmas is a cute Christmas story. If you want to check it out, you can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited. It's definitely worth checking out and I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series, which are about Holly's sisters.

4 stars.

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