Sunday, December 6, 2020

Secret Santa by Kati Wilde


She’s always been on the outside of love, looking in…

After years of struggling to make ends meet, Emma Williams finally lands a job that suits her perfectly—she enjoys her work, likes her new boss, and especially loves knowing her first paycheck is coming just after Christmas. That is, if she lasts that long. Because Logan Crenshaw, the creative force behind the company, doesn’t seem to want her there.

Not being wanted is nothing new for Emma…but she doesn’t know what she’s done to make Logan stalk around the office, growling every command as if her very presence infuriates him. She can’t afford to lose this job, so her plan is to keep her head down and try to avoid any contact with him—no matter how big and sexy and unavoidable he is.

But a Santa hat full of names, an office gift exchange, and one unexpected knock at her door are about to shake up all of her plans…

Warning: This super-hot holiday romance contains Santa hats, red satin blindfolds, and an obsessed alpha male who talks dirty and knows exactly what to do with his big hands. Lots of swearing. No cheating, no cliffhangers.

My Thoughts

So good!

That was my first thought when I finished reading this story. I enjoyed it so much and it's definitely a 5 star read.

But let's go back to the beginning.

When the story opens, we learn that Emma is a new employee at her company. She's currently being trained by a woman named Marianne who will be going on maternity leave soon. Bot she and Bruce Crenshaw (the boss) are please with her work and are excited to have her join in on the company's festivities, like the Christmas party and the Secret Santa gift exchange.

The feeling is mutual and Emma is happy with her new job. The only problem is Logan Crenshaw, the boss's son. He really does not seem to like her.

I must say... I don't usually enjoy Insta-Love stories. They usually seem to cheesy to me. But I liked this one because the insta-love is exactly what Emma needed. She has a couple of struggles in life, like the fact that she was laid off from her last job and is in a bit of financial distress. But there's also the fact that she great up in the foster system and wasn't always treated how she deserved to be treated.

Love isn't exactly what she's looking for at the moment. She's a 22 year old virgin, but she has a LOT more on her mind besides meeting a guy and losing her virginity.

But Logan has other ideas.

It really warmed my heart how kind Logan was to Emma after they first started talking with each other. She was clearly nervous around him because she was attracted to him, and he was gruff around her because he was attracted to her. Once they got past their awkward introductions, Logan was exactly the kind of man that Emma needed in her life.

I love that he brought her a Christmas tree for her apartment, and did his best to help her have a special Christmas. And I liked how Emma opened up and talked about things like her past and books with Logan. It was very sweet.

And did I mention that there was a dog character? I love a dog character. Haha.

As Emma and Logan fall for each other, they find themselves in some very sexy situations. It made for a fun Christmas read and I recommend if you like Christmas novellas with a bit of holiday spice!

5 stars.

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