Secret Prince's Christmas Seduction by Carina Marielli

Claimed by the prince...
For Christmas or forever?

Sicilian chambermaid Antonietta prides herself on her discretion, so she’s mortified by her inappropriate reaction to her hotel’s newest guest! Antonietta has no idea Rafael is the notorious prince of Tulano. All she knows is that his touch lights her up more brightly than a Christmas tree.

Their unexpected connection floors cynical Rafe. All he can offer is a temporary festive seduction before resuming his royal duties. But unwrapping the precious gift of Antonietta’s virginity changes everything. Rafe must choose—his crown, or Antonietta… (from

I haven't read a Harlequin Romance in a while, so I was excited to dive into this sweet Christmas romance. Secret Prince's Christmas Seduction by Carol Marinelli is a romantic story about a hotel chambermaid who falls for the mysterious guest staying in the suite she has been ordered to clean.

It's like Maid in Manhattan. But even better, because it's set in Italy!

I liked Antonietta right off the bat. She's a young woman who has moved back to the small town in Italy that she grew up in. Her best friend's husband is in charge of a fancy hotel and he offers her a job where she can work as a chambermaid as well as take massage classes.

It's the perfect opportunity for her, because for the past five years she's been traveling and working, all to avoid her family and the great shame that she brought upon them by standing her former fiance up at the alter. He was actually her second cousin, so not only did she upset her parents, but pretty much that entire side of the family.

Cringe. She doesn't expect for her family to welcome her back to town with open arms, but she also doesn't expect for them to be so rude when they spot her around town.

Things are good for Antonietta though. She lives in a small cottage on the hotel's property and does her best to avoid all drama and gossip at work. Her main goal is to do a good job and stay on her supervisor Francesca's good side.

So when a mysterious VIP hotel guest comes to stay and Antonietta is assigned to service his room for her, she keeps her head down and does her best to avoid finding out who the guest is. Quite frankly, she doesn't care. She just wants to do her job and keep the guest satisfied.

But little by little, she gets to know the guest. He is injured, and a little surly, but he's also kind. He sympathizes with Antonietta when she has a bad day, and he finds her crying while she should be cleaning his room.

The two get to know each other better, and Antonietta likes the feeling that she gets around him. She's as surprised as anyone that she actually likes this guy. But unfortunately for her, he's leaving town come Christmas.

And there's also the fact that he has a secret identity.

I recommend this book if you like sweet Christmas romances. Antonietta is such a sweet character and it's fun to read about her putting herself out there and taking a chance on love.

Thank you to Netgalley for a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!