Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Lying Season by Karina Halle

Alright Alright Alright! (Please imagine that in a Matthew McConaughey voice)

I'm back today with another book review. I read book 4 in the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle and I have a lot of thoughts and feelings.

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Book Summary

Amateur ghost-hunter Perry Palomino has battled ghosts, fought off skinwalkers and skirted the fine line between life and death. But can she survive bunking down in Seattle for a week with her partner (and man she secretly loves) Dex and his perfect girlfriend, Jennifer? And can she do so while being tormented by a malicious spirit from Dex's increasingly shady past? With love and life in the balance, Perry must discover the truth among the lies or risk losing everything she's ever cared about.

My Thoughts

Lying Season is Book 4 of the Experiment in Terror series and while I didn't find it as creepy as I found the last book, I felt that it was a great addition to the series.

While the last book (Dead Sky Morning) advanced Dex and Perry's ghost hunting show a bit, I liked that this book forwarded the plot point of Dex and Perry's potential romance.

See, Dex and Perry are supposed to investigate a Seattle mental institution for the next episode of their show. Perry is fine with that. She figures that she'll book a hotel and hook up with Dex for the show. But then Dex announces that of course Perry will be staying at his apartment. Why wouldn't she, since he has an apartment in Seattle?

Well, there's a big reason why not. And that reason is Jenn, Dex's seemingly perfect girlfriend. She has a bit of an issue with other women and makes it clear to Perry from the beginning that they are in competition with each other.

Which leads Perry to wonder, what does Jenn really know? Can she sense that Perry is in love with Dex?

This book is filled with twists and turns. Not only do Perry and Dex investigate the mental institution, but they are also visited by a ghost from Dex's past. 

I enjoyed Lying Season a lot and it makes me even more curious to read the next book in the series. I like that this series leaves you hanging, without the insufferable cliffhangers. I'm dying to know what happens next, although I have a feeling that the next book won't pick up right where this book left off.

What do you think? Do you like a series that leaves you hanging, or leaves you satisfied? Let me know in the comments below. I'll be starting the next book in the series tomorrow.

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