Thursday, October 8, 2020

Darkhouse by Karina Halle


Enter the world of the highly-acclaimed Experiment in Terror Series by visiting...The Darkhouse.

There’s always been something a bit off about Perry Palomino. Though she’s been dealing with a quarter-life crisis and post-college syndrome like any other twenty-something, she’s still not what you would call “ordinary.” For one thing, there’s her past which she likes to pretend never happened, and then there’s the fact that she sees ghosts.

Luckily for her, that all comes in handy when she stumbles across Dex Foray, an eccentric producer for an upcoming webcast on ghost hunters. Even though the show’s budget is non-existent and Dex himself is a maddening enigma, Perry is instantly drawn into a world that both threatens her life and seduces her with a sense of importance. Her uncle’s haunted lighthouse provides the perfect catalyst and backdrop for a mystery that unravels the threads of Perry’s fragile sanity and causes her to fall for a man, who, like the most dangerous of ghosts, may not be all that he seems.

My Thoughts:

I picked this book up because I saw the author mention it on her Instagram account and it piqued my interest. She described it as a slow burn romance ghost hunting adventure and even though I try to stay away from spooky things because I scare easily, I knew I had to check this series out.

Karina mentioned in the acknowledgements that Darkhouse is the first book that she published and that it's rough, but I didn't even notice. In fact, I thought that Darkhouse was fantastic.

I liked the protagonist Perry a lot. She felt very relatable to me. She's an ordinary girl with ordinary problems. She has a boring job, a trying family, and some self confidence issues. When she experiences a scary situation at a haunted light house on her uncle's estate and writes a blog post about it, she does it mainly to get it all out and process what happened. But after her blog post picks up traction and people are intrigued by her point of view, that's where her life takes a real turn.

Her ghost hunting friend, Dex, is a little bit less likeable. Don't get me wrong. He's funny when he wants to be and genuinely does look out for Perry during their excursions. But at the same time, there's something off about him. He always calls Perry "kiddo" because he's ten years older than her. It's a little weird because there is obvious sexual tension between them, although neither of them notices.

Karina said on the Instagram that the first two books are slower while the third book really picks up. I'm not sure if she was referring to the horror or the romance, but I felt like Darkhouse was a good introduction to the series. I felt like while there are still secrets, I got to know Perry and Dex pretty well.

The horror? Well, let's just say that the scenes where Dex and Perry went into the lighthouse were pretty scary to me. They freaked me out! But in a good way. I was turning the pages (or digital pages, since I was on my Kindle app) as fast as I could so that I could find out what happened next.

I have Kindle Unlimited so I'm going to check out the second book in the series next. Have you read this series? Let mw know in the comments what you think about it! I would also love some warnings about how scary it gets. Haha.

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