Monday, October 5, 2020

A Hero Is Born: Nikki Powergloves Book 1 by David Estes

Hello friends. I'm excited to share some thoughts I have on A Hero Is Born today. It's the first book in the Nikki Powergloves series by David Estes. I haven't had the chance to check out any good kidlit recently and this is a book that I know I would have loved when I was younger.

Let's check out a quick summary of the book and then I'll dive into my thoughts!


Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a nine-year-old in the small town of Cragglyville. That is, until she finds a disappearing path into a forest that is rumored to be haunted. At the end of the trail, she and her dog, Mr. Miyagi, find a beautiful treasure chest, standing ready for her to claim.

What does the chest contain? Gold? No. Diamonds? Nah. Money? Not even close. The chest contains twelve multi-colored gloves. Nikki’s disappointment quickly morphs into delight when she discovers that the gloves are much more than just a cheesy fashion accessory. You see, each pair of gloves gives her a different power, such as stopping time or super-strength.

With a little help from her best friend, Spencer Quick, Nikki Nickerson is transformed into Nikki Powergloves, crime-fighting superhero. But every hero needs a villain and she soon finds hers in the form of Jimmy Powerboots, a smug and misguided youth who uncovers a similar treasure and chooses to use his newfound powers for evil. Nikki must find a way to de-boot her arch nemesis and stop his maniacal plans.

My Thoughts:

When I first finished this book, all I could think about was how much I would have loved this book when i was younger! It's so imaginative and creative. I picked up a copy for my kindle a couple of years ago because I read a YA book by David Estes that I really liked and thought the Nikki Powergloves series sounded interesting.

Nikki was an awesome main character. She's independent and has a lot of good ideas. I thought it was adorable how her dog was named Mr. Miyagi and I enjoyed reading about their adventures together.

Nikki's friend Spencer is a great addition to the story as well. He's very smart and a great sidekick to Nikki, even though the powers don't work on him.

A Hero is Born is a great start to the Nikki Powergloves series. Nikki discovers how to use her powers for good, even with Jimmy Powerboots trying to stand in her way.

I'm definitely not the target audience for this book. I mean, all I could think about the whole time was how it seemed odd for her parents to not realize she was a super hero, when her name is Nikki and her superhero name is Nikki Powergloves. Haha. But it's a cute story and I think it's an awesome world for kids to escape into when they read.

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