Thursday, September 10, 2020

September Bullet Journal + Life Update

August was a really busy month for me and for that I am very grateful. I feel like I got a lot done and I got to visit a bunch of cool places. In my latest Youtube video, I discussed my travels during the month of August and also shared my Plan With Me for the month of September.

Keep reading to see some photos from my latest Plan With Me bullet journal spread. 

To watch the video, click here.

Life Update

As I mentioned, August was a busy month for me. Work has has been keeping me very busy lately and we've been allowed overtime which is nice. It helps me catch up a little bit at least! And during the weekends I did some traveling with my boyfriend. We stayed in Lewes De a couple of weekends and Cape May NJ one weekend. Plus there was other stuff going on. It was a bit of a whirlwind to be honest! Which is nice because this Summer has definitely been less eventful than others, thanks to Covid-19.

Michael's Haul

In order to complete my bullet journal spread for this month, I had to stop at Michael's craft store for a few supplies. I picked up:

  • Some kraft paper
  • Some scrapbooking paper
  • Elmer's Craft Bond Tape Runner
  • Autumn Leaves Stickers
I haven't been shopping very much lately, so it felt really good to get out and buy myself a few treats. 

Have you been shopping for any new craft/planning supplies lately? Let me know what the theme is for your spread this month.

Plan With Me

Once September 1st hit, I decided that I was pretty much done with Summer. It may still be hot out, but I'm ready for Fall. I have my Fall candle ready and my fall stickers picked out and ready to go in my journal.

I really enjoy how my calendar page turned out this month. I always like to have a calendar and this month I'm utilizing it my writing in all of my different personal due dates for my business.

I decided about halfway through the month to start crossing out each day after it passes. If you've watched any of my previous plan with me videos, you know how much I love to check things off after they complete. It just feels good.

When you flip the page you'll see my Reading List for the month as well as a goal tracking list. I'm hoping that by planning my reading ahead of time I'll be able to get more of it done! ha. I also like having a goals page because it allows me to write out the steps I need to take in order to get my goals accomplished.

Next we have a spending log. This is just a practice few pages that I used to write in my budget journal, but now I've added it to my main bullet journal. It just makes more sense. I generally always have my bullet journal with me whereas if I had a separate journal, I'm not sure how often I would actually have it around.

Social media pages are something that I added in this month so that I can keep track of my social media posts and when I would potentially like to post. I'm not always super active on Instagram but I would like to focus more on using tags, creating interesting content, and gaining more followers.

There are also pages for planning my blog content and youtube videos as well.

And before I go, I did want to share my weekly spread with you! My weeklies are usually pretty basic but I like how I was able to use some of my new paper and new stickers in this one.

What do you think? The Fall Leaves are part of the pack that I picked up at Michaels and the pumpkin stickers were part of a pack that I found in the Dollar Spot at Target last year. I'm glad I picked them up. I always try to pick up stickers when I see them there because you never know when you'll be able to use them.
Until next time,

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