Monday, July 6, 2020

NaNoWriMo Diaries: Camp NaNo Day 6

Good evening, friends! If you asked me how my day was, I would have to admit that it was a typical Monday. It was fine, but nothing special. I've been feeling tired today and it doesn't help that I had a headache this morning and a bit of a stomach ache this afternoon.

I'm starting to think that scrambled eggs might be giving me an upset stomach and that's one of my favorite breakfasts. Sigh.

But enough complaining and let's get to writing. I have a lot of work that I need to get done tonight and only a couple of hours to do it.

I was browsing for a writing quote online because I wanted to make a graphic on Canva for this blog post. I stumbled upon this great gem.

"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." - Terry Pratchett

I love it because it's so relatable to us writers as we keep writing and trying to finish our goals for our Camp NaNoWriMo projects. I know I won't quite have my book done by the end of the month. My goal is 50,000 words and my ideal goal for this actual book I'm writing is around 70,000 words.

But hey! It's a start.

Writing Session #1

20 minutes
Starting: 6,873
Ending: 7,682
Words Written: 809

Writing Session #2

20 minutes
Starting: 7,682
Ending: 8,614
Words Written: 932

Writing Session #3

30 minutes
Starting: 8,614
Ending: 10,036
Words Written: 1,422

Total Words Written Today: 3,163

That's not too shabby for a Monday where I'm not really feeling that great. 

Until next time,

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