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Book Review: A Walk Along the Beach by Debbie Macomber

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!  

A Walk Along the Beach was a sad, but heartwarming story about giving love a chance even when you are scared, and enjoying your loved ones while you have the chance.

I would say that although the book descriptions makes it seem like the story is equally about two sisters, it really focuses mainly on Willa. She's the older sister who has been taking care of Harper ever since they were girls, and their Mom passed away. When Harper was diagnosed with Leukemia, Willa was the one who took care of her. Their father did the best that he could, but he was so grief stricken over their mother that he wasn't capable of really being there for them. Harper eventually goes into remission, but that doesn't stop Willa from worrying.

As adults, the sisters are still incredibly close. They share an apartment in the small town of Oceanside. Willa owns a popular cafe and Harper is a fitness instructor and yoga teacher. It was clear to me right off the bat that while they did get along and of course they loved each other, there was an off vibe between them. Willa acted more like a mother than an older sister, and it was clear that Harper strived to have a little more independence in her life.

Enter Sean.

Sean O'Malley has been visiting Willa's coffee shop quite a lot, but it's not until Harper intervenes and asks him to sit down and talk with her and her sister that he finally gets his chance to meet Willa. Things start slowly for them. It's clear that Willa hasn't dated in a while and that she isn't even sure if she's ready to take a chance on Sean. But when she finally does, her happiness practically jumps of the pages.

As a reader, I liked Sean right off the bat. As he and Willa began their relationship and really got to know each other, they had small problems. All couples do. And it didn't help that he had to travel so much for work, thanks to him being a freelance photographer. But they learned lessons about each other and worked hard to try to make things work between them.

I didn't blame Willa for being scared about her blossoming romance with Sean. It was clear that she had been so busy with her business and worrying about her sister that she hadn't put any thought towards dating. Her uneasiness did cause some tension with Sean, but he was ever the gentleman and made sure to do what he could to make her feel loved.

 I liked the setting of Oceanside, Washington. This is my first Debbie Macomber read in a while so I'm not sure if this is a series or not. I'll have to do some research into that. But if there are more books in this series, I have a feeling that I'll like them. Oceanside seems like a close knit community of interesting folks.

My Overall Rating Is 4 Stars

I enjoyed the characters and the story. The only downfalls for me were the sadness (unfortunately, there's no way around that in this kind of story) and the fact that the plot wasn't super direct. The story dragged too much for this to be a 5 star read.

Are you wondering where the title comes from? Well, before I end my review I just want to share my favorite quote with you. I can relate to it a lot. The Delaware seashore has been my happy place for the past couple of years and I related to this sentiment a lot.

My Favorite Quote:

I walked over to the beach, removed my shoes, and dug my feet into the cool October sand. Walking along the beach had always had the power to help me clear my mind and soothe my soul. Breathing in the briny scent of the wind, I held it in my lungs, comforted by the familiar smell and taste of it. A wave crashed against the shore, wiping out my footprints. The ebb and flow of change, of letting go, of moving forward and seeing everything wiped away like that single wave beating against the sand.

Pretty great, huh?

Thanks for checking out my book review of A Walk Along the Beach by Debbie Macomber. It will be published on July 14, 2020 if you’re interested in reading it!

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