Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Book Review: We Are The Wildcats by Siobhan Vivian

We Are The Wildcats is the latest Contemporary YA novel by Siobhan Vivian. I’ve read all of her previous books and have had mixed feelings about some of the more recent ones, but I was very excited to read this book for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s one of those books that take place all in one night. I enjoy books like that because you really get to know the characters and what they’re all about, since the story will generally move more slowly.
  2. It’s about a high school girls field hockey team. I love that idea! I’ve never been on a sports team (besides elementary school soccer, which I don’t think really counts) so I figured this story would be all about girl power and sisterhood and what not.
  3. I had been hearing Siobhan talk about this book for a while on social media. I liked the idea of her story being from the perspective of 8 different girls on the field hockey team. It reminded me of one of her previous books, The List, where we get inside the heads of many different girls at the same high school.

However, this book did not live up to my expectations, which is why I rated it 3 stars on goodreads. I’m going to share a few of my thoughts below.

What I Liked

I liked most of the main characters. I felt like Siobhan did a good job of creating a diverse group of teenage girls who each had their own problems to deal with throughout the story. That’s one of the benefits of reading a story from many different perspectives. It helped with the exposition of explaining why each character was the way she was.

I liked the camaraderie between the girls. It warmed my heart when some of the older girls took Lucy, the newest freshman team member, under their wing. That’s the kind of sisterhood that I wanted to read about in this story.

There was some high school hi-jinx in this story which I enjoyed. The girls go on a while team building exercise throughout the majority of the story and there are some very funny moments. They get themselves into quite a bit of trouble, but that’s what makes the story enjoyable.

What I Didn’t Like

While it was fun to get to read a story from so many different perspectives, I don’t think it was necessary. In the end, I felt like I knew a couple of the characters extremely well and others not at all. Like Grace, for instance. We learn a lot about her in the beginning but then she’s kind of glossed over for the rest of the story.

This story felt so melodramatic. Maybe sports stories just aren’t for me, but I felt like the girls were being so overly dramatic about field hockey and their team. They were all so intense about the team, which is fine, but field hockey isn’t a personality trait.

The subplot with their coach. Each girl had their own problems that they were dealing with throughout the story, but in the end, their biggest problem was with their coach. A lot of this plot made me feel really uncomfortable, especially because the story never really came to a conclusion.

The ending. WTF. The story just kind of drops off when the girls are at their first scrimmage of the new field hockey season and I did not like that at all. I need resolution. I need to know that things are going to be ok. And I was just not satisfied with this ending.

I think that’s why I rated this book 3 stars. I really wanted to like it and there were a lot of things that I enjoyed, but I just wasn’t satisfied with it as a whole. Kudos to Siobhan Vivian for trying such an ambitious book. This is her tenth published work so she must be doing something right.

But in the end, I just wasn’t satisfied with the ending. And that’s a big issue for me.

What are your thoughts on We Are The Wildcats? Let me know below! I’m curious what others think. I’ve perused some review on Goodreads and it seems like a lot of people had mixed feelings like me.

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