Sunday, February 16, 2020

Book Review: Hidden Bodies

Hidden Bodies is the sequel to You, a story about a lost and lonely young man named Joe Goldberg, who uses both manipulation and stalking to secure his one true love.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it’s a foolproof plan that can’t possibly go wrong.

But it does.

Of course it does.

But don’t worry. The scary murderer man isn’t single for too long. He meets his next victim, I mean love, at his day job where he works as a bookstore clerk. Her name is Amy and she uses a stolen credit card to buy her books.

It’s a match made in criminal heaven.

Joe hires Amy to work at his book store and they quickly fall in love. Joe feels closer to her than anyone he’s ever dated. He shares things with her that he’s never shared with anyone.

And that’s why her disappearance from his life is all that much harder to process. As quickly as she came into his life, she’s gone. But what she doesn’t know is that Joe is an excellent stalker. He tracks her to Los Angeles and decides to move there himself, so that he can plot his revenge.

And that’s where the real story begins.

I will admit that I didn’t so much as read this book as much as I listened to the audiobook, but it was so good I binge listened in 24 hours. There’s just something about Joe where you’re kind of sort of rooting for him, even though he’s scary and bad.


While You was about Joe’s obsession with Beck and doing everything within (and beyond) his control to make her love him, Hidden Bodies felt more like a sad man’s scheme for revenge on a woman who didn’t want him.

Both are interesting, but I felt more compassion toward Joe in the first book. Sure. he’s a murderer, but he’s doing it for love. Which in a fiction world is awful, but also a little bit endearing.

Meanwhile, Hidden Bodies at first seems like a book about revenge. Joe moves out to California and reverts back to his normal sleuthing ways. It takes a lot of work but he knows that he will find Amy and he knows that he will make her pay.

I liked reading about Joe’s adventures in California. My brother lives in California and is mildly involved with the comedy scene out there, so I thought it was fun to read about Joe going around to different bars and visiting different neighborhoods.

There were a lot of new characters in this book and sometimes it was almost too many characters to take in at one time. I wonder if this might have been because I was listening to the audiobook, rather than reading the words on the page.

The main plot of this book is that while trying to track down Amy in LA, Joe gets involved romantically with a woman named Love. But along with love comes the drama that comes along with every rich family: Slightly spacey parents and a troublesome twin brother.

You won’t see where this story is going and that’s a good thing. With each chapter comes twists and turns and I found myself completely wrapped up in wanting to know what happens next.

This isn’t a standalone novel, so definitely read the first book You before picking up Hidden Bodies. But when you do, you’ll find yourself sucked into a story that’s gripping, emotional, and totally twisted.

Have you read you? What did you think? Let me know what you think of the books/show in the comments. I’m planning to start watching the show very soon!

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