Tuesday, November 12, 2019

5 Things to Know About: Full Circle

I have a very exciting book to discuss, friends! Last month I read Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back Again by Andrea Barber. This was a fun and interesting read and I recommend it if you like:
  • Full House
  • 90's TV nostalgia
  • honest memoirs
  • mental health advocacy
To tell you a bit about this story, it's a personal memoir by Andrea Barber, the actress who played Kimmy Gibbler on the popular 90's sitcom Full House. It's a really fascinating read because we find out that Andrea and her goofy character Kimmy are as different as night and day. Andrea discusses a lot of different topics in her book such as how she got her acting career, what working on full house was like, and what her life was like after the show ended.

Here is the description from Goodreads for an official synopsis:

She grew up in front of the world on the beloved sitcom Full House, but then actress Andrea Barber abruptly left Hollywood. Why did she leave and what did she do for twenty years out of the spotlight before returning to television? This is her funny and inspiring memoir of fame, heartache, resilience--and the reboot of a lifetime . . .  

When Kimmy Gibbler burst into the Tanners' home on Full House in 1987, audiences immediately connected with the confident and quirky pre-teen character, played by ten-year-old actress Andrea Barber. During an eight-season run on one of the most popular series of the '80s and '90s, Andrea came of age in front of millions. But she was as far removed from her character as a girl can get. The introverted young star was plagued with self-doubt, insecurities, and debilitating anxieties that left her questioning her identity after the show's cancelation. Andrea wouldn't return to the public eye until 2016, for Fuller House. So what happened in those intervening decades that Andrea jokingly calls "the lost years"? 

For starters, Andrea never stopped working. But it was on a series of life-changing transitions: earning a college degree, then a Master's, building a career in international education, getting married, and starting a family. She also faced some unforeseeable transitions: navigating a sudden divorce after nearly twelve years of marriage, and second-guessing her capabilities as a single mother. But it was her devastating bout with post-partum anxiety and depression that derailed Andrea's life--and became a crucial turning point. 

Full Circle is a raw, refreshingly honest look into the life of a celebrity who has never been fully comfortable in the spotlight. Here Andrea shares her deeply personal struggles with mental health in a way she has never done before. She opens up about fighting her way back and finding solace--while finding herself--all before her life came full circle with her costars and lifelong friends on Fuller House. Sharing her journey from child star, to champion of mental health, and back to stardom, Andrea writes in a way that feels like catching up with an old friend. 

You'll laugh, reminisce, and finally get to know the woman behind the zany next door neighbor.

Sounds cute, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that it is. Andrea has a unique life story to share and she does it in such a positive way. Even when she talks about her personal struggles, she doesn't talk about them in a negative way. She doesn't complain. She just shares what she's experienced and how she's learned from it.

Here are Five Things I Think you Should Know About This Book:

1. Andrea and her character Kimmy Gibbler are complete and total opposites

When I was growing up and watching reruns of Full House on Nick at Nite, I was always so entranced by Kimmy Gibbler. She's such a free spirited person who doesn't let the little things get her down. I always assumed that the actress who played her must be as wacky and exuberant as well! But that is not the case. After reading just a few sentences of Andrea's book I found that she's a very thoughtful and introverted person.

2. There are some great Full House anecdotes in this book

The reason why I enjoy celebrity memoirs are to get the inside scoop, and Andrea certainly gives it to us. She talks about all of her Full House cast members fondly and gives behind the scenes information on the show which is fun.

3. Andrea speaks openly about her struggles

And there's good reason for that... because she wants people to know that she's just like us. She speaks openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression and about how she sought help to deal with these issues and it's really inspiring. She also explains about how her divorce happened but how her family has worked hard to keep things normal for her kids. Her books is very transparent and just goes to show what a genuine person she is.

4. Old photos are the best, right?

Something I loved about this book was looking through all the old photos when I got to the end.  A lot of them were of Andrea growing up and a lot of them corresponded with the stories she told throughout her book.

5. Everything is Full Circle

The title of this book is so perfect because Andrea's life really has come Full Circle. She started out acting on Full House, lived her life, and then found herself acting again in the spin off series Fuller House. She also talks about her college experience and her jobs in between acting and her passion for running. Full Circle, indeed.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! I really enjoyed it. If you like fun, celebrity memoirs then this is the book for you.

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