Sunday, April 28, 2019

10 Writing Tips that Work for Me (& a Free Printable)

Hello everyone & welcome back to the blog! It’s been a while since I’ve updated here and that is for a variety of reasons. Back in the beginning of the year I was busy moving and now that I’m settled in my house, I’m busy with fixing things up and learning how to be an adult. Haha!

Did I mention that I went out and successfully bought a lawn mower? You can also see the in progress shot of my new writing office that I posted on instagram. Things are getting very adult-like over here.

So yeah. There has been a lot going on and I’ve also been busy with my dog and visiting family and friends and whatnot. Now I’m ready to start picking things up on the blog again.

For today’s topic, I want to share some advice on writing. This advice comes from a very personal place because these are writing tips that I have tested out and I know for a fact that they work for me. I’m sharing them in the hopes that they will work for you as well.

So let’s get started!

Write Everyday

Practice makes perfect, right? That’s what I’ve always been told. So naturally, I’ve spent a lot of time writing over the years to try and perfect my craft.

Create a Writing Schedule for Yourself

One of the things I like to do is to sit down with my planner at the beginning of the week. I look at my necessary tasks like my job, any appointments I might have, as well as social commitments. Then I schedule writing sessions in to my week so that I now I’ll get my writing done that I need to get done.

Find a writing spot that is comfortable & inspiring
You aren’t going to write a lot if you aren’t comfortable. Find a space that is comfortable and enjoyable for you, whether it’s sitting at a desk or laying on your back in bed. No judgments! Everybody writes best in different conditions.

Time yourself

One of my favorite things about NaNoWriMo is writing sprints. In a writing sprint, you time yourself to see how many words you can achieve in a certain amount of time. In the Nano forums people compete against each other, but it’s just as easy to compete against yourself. Give it a try, because I find it super motivating.

Track your progress

I keep a word document (well, it’s a Google Docs document) with my daily word counts in it. I like to look back on that information so that I can evaluate when I’m most productive. This helps me for planning my writing schedule that I previously mentioned.

Take breaks

Don’t overwork yourself because then you’ll feel tired out and you’ll lose your inspiration to write. Go for a walk or grab a snack or do some stretching. Your body and your mind will thank you!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

It’s easy to make goals, but it’s also easy to not reach your goals. Life happens and things get in the way. It’s ok! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just wake up the next day and prepare yourself to get things done.

No editing until the end

This is something that I have difficult with! My inclination is always to look back on what I just wrote and make some fixes, but no! Don’t stop. Keep going. Editing can wait until you’ve finished.

Stay caffeinated

I know this tip won’t work for everyone because caffeine affects all people differently, but I love having a nice cup of coffee during a writing session. It comforts me and gives me the boost that I need.

Be grateful for every word!

Writing is hard work. Writer’s Block is a real thing. So be grateful when the words come to you, and you’re writing the story that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s a great feeling. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest post. I hope that you find these tips helpful. If you’re interested in a free printable version of these tips to keep in your journal, just click the link below + you will be redirected to download it from dropbox.

Get Your Free Download

Until next time,
Marian Elizabeth

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